Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Decor

There is one word that can describe every place I have lived, whether with my parents and family, or the places I have lived on my own. And that word is comfortable.

My mom's home was always really warm and comfy. And that has transcended into my own places. My apartments and house have also been really nice and comfortable. Friends have commented that being in my house feels like being at home, which has always made me feel really good. But recently I wish other words could describe my house. Words like cool or stylish would be nice, but I don't have anything really cool or stylish, which poses a slight problem.

In the past few months, I have been reading some design blogs, and they have some extremely stylish and cool ideas for the home. I fall in love with something everyday. Some people out there are just so creative and so stylish and it makes me terribly jealous.

Most of the stuff I see is expensive, really expensive. So it not only makes me envious, but it also makes me kind of depressed that I won't be able to have all of this home decor and style right now. But I'm thinking that even on a budget - a very limited budget - I still might be able to add a few little items here and there. So let me introduce you to my first stylish home addition:

I ran over to the crafty people store, Michael's, and found these. I thought they were pretty cool and perfect for the usually empty vases that live on our kitchen table. They remind me of over-sized dandelions, and I like that. These were fairly inexpensive and make me excited for my next item. So hopefully, I be able to share some more new home decor in future blogs.


AKSquared said...

You so totally can have a comfy, stylish, hip, and whatever else awesome home on a limited budget!! It's just about finding the right stores and the right sales. OR, even better, making the items yourself! You'd be amazed what they charge 100 bucks for that's not even worth 10 cents. Shit you can pull out of your back yard, etc. It's so fun to create something that's your own, too. People ask, where did you get that? and you get to say, I made it. =)

Melanie said...

Hey!! It's just amazing stuff!! I would like to pick this simple and sweet stuff for my home decoration!!