Thursday, January 15, 2009

A good example

Over the past year, I have become friends with a lady who has become one of greatest examples in my life. She has become my sage, my mentor, my friend and my boss. I have learned a lot from this woman. I have listened to her talk about her children, husband, siblings, parents and friends. I have watched her interact with people personally and professionally.

I find myself turning to this person a lot. Her opinion and perspective means so much to me. We are completely different. She is older; I am younger. She is black; I am white. She is in advertising; I am in editorial. The list goes on. But although there are so many differences, we are friends. And as corny as it sounds, I can’t imagine not seeing her five days of the week, confiding in each other, swapping stories and getting each others’ feedback and advice.

In fifteen days, we might not be around each other very much as both of our jobs are in question. I’m not going into detail, but due to the economy and our industry, things where I am standing are on shaky ground.

Things are OK, and we will both be fine. Thankfully, neither one of us are the kind of women who sit around and wait. We are the kind of women to make things happen. And that’s what we will do. Unfortunately, we probably won't be working together for very much longer.

Part of me hopes that we are able to sustain this friendship after whatever happens, and the other part reminds me of my personality - my horrible trait of giving up on things/people when it’s not convenient (although this is something I am really working on!). But even if we do stay in touch, I know it won’t be the same. But regardless of what happens, I wish this lady the best. And I hope she knows what an impact she has made on me, the way I live my life and the person I am and want to become.

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AKSquared said...

Hear, hear Katie. I, too, am really bad about keeping in touch with people. But you're right; those that matter will forever be near. Either in our thoughts, our hearts, or physically, too. Just have to keep reminding ourselves that the things that are stressing us out right now are never more important than our friends. Love you, girl!